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Groova Juice

Cold Pressed Juices & Juice Cleanses

The same vibrant, organic cold pressed juice you love. With a whole new groove.

We at Groova Juice offer organic cold pressed juices and juice cleanses throughout Canada.

We have some rather juicy news.
You may have seen, we slipped a few clues.

Something is different about us. (We won’t make a big fuss.)

Because really, we’re the same. We’re just rocking a new name.

We’re Groova Juice! Made with that same vibrant, organic produce.
A loving human experience is what we’re about. Groove with us and you’ll find out.

There’s something for everyone, that is our mission. Embrace your individuality, the groovy life has arisen!

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Our almond butter cranberry clusters are a glorious merger of satisfaction, sweetness and nourishment.

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